My reason for beginning chiropractic care was incapacitating pain in my right leg. I had been having this problem for six to eight weeks, couldn't sleep and had even missed work. After the majority of pain was alleviated, I was encouraged to start an exercise program, and was able to avoid using drugs to relieve the pain. I have always had good experiences with chiropractic, but Dr. Vaughn and his staff are exceptional! This small family clinic has a caring environment and skilled personnel.

M. Carol March

When I came to Texas Chiropractic and Family Wellness, my health was shaky. I had spasms in my spine, and was hunched forward. Before then, I had consulted with chiropractors from other clinics, and although favorably impressed, I chose Dr. Vaughn, perceiving he was the most experienced of the doctors I talked to. I was not disappointed. Under his care, I soon reached a level of well-being and health I had not had for the longest time. The spasms ceased, the ungly "hunch" disappeared, and to my husband's delight, my mood improved.

Physical health was not the only gift I received. The interesting and stimulating conversations I had with Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Zea taught me a lot about health and its related issues. Going to their clinic did not feel like going to the "doctor", but felt like going to see friends that would restore me physically and mentally. The pleasant and tasteful decor of the well-equipped facility also contributed to a feeling of well-being and relaxation. I highly recommend it.

Daniela P.

I became a patient at Texas Chiropractic after I was involved in a car accident where my vehicle was hit from behind. I came to Dr. Vaughn 2-3 weeks after the accident out of desperation due to pain. I would go to bed with a headache and wake up with it. I took Tylenol, Aleve, Ibuprofen--but nothing helped. My neck and shoulder muscles would spasm and it constantly hurt to turn my head or reach up with my arms.

Ten years ago I was in a similar accident that resulted in whiplash. I went to physical therapy and it worked for while, but chiropractic healed me, long-term. After going to physical therapy every summer for 3 years and it got me through the year, but spasms always came back. I went to a chiropractor the 4th year and that did the trick! I was pain-free and spasm-free until the second accident. When I came to Dr. Vaughn, I could barely walk, reach or turn my head. After the very first adjustment, my headache, which I'd had constantly, finally went away. He also put me on the ATM (Active Therapeutic Movement) and it worked instantly.

My hips now move more freely, and the first week of treatment I noticed my hearing improved. One day I was just sitting and my ear popped suddenly, and I could hear more clearly. Other improvements were digestive, disappearance of tingling in my toes and fingers, and improvement in persistent sinus congestion. Needless to say, if you feel good, your mood shows it!

Office hours at Texas Chiropractic are very convenient, the office staff is very friendly, yet highly professional. The equipment is modern and effective. I highly recommend Texas Chiropractic and Family Wellness.

Beth Locklear

I began care at Texas Chiropractic and Family Wellness after an auto accident 3 months ago. I had some problems before, and they were compounded by the accident--I couldn't walk for 2 days, was in severe neck and back pain continuously. It was painful to walk, sit up or lie down, so restful sleep was not possible. I have learned that the more I use chiropractic, the better I learn how to take care of my body and keep it in good working condition. Continued chiropractic care has helped me maintain my health, which means minimal trips to the medical doctor and less medication. This it true for my daughter as well--she hasn't been sick or needed a doctor for 3 years!

I now have my quality of life back. I can enjoy the things I do--work, play, and the time with my family. I feel so much better and have peace-of-mind knowing I am doing the most I can to continue to have good health. I feel very confident in the care I receive at Texas Chiropractic. I know that whatever issue I have--allergies, sinus problems, headaches, neck pain, ankle problems, etc., Dr. Zea will be able to treat the issues and advise me how I can further my care at home. I very much appreciate the warm, friendly and helpful staff and they are truly a Wellness Center for Total Health!

Rebecca Fischer


I began chiropractic care for chronic shoulder pain that had recently gotten worse. I had tried medical doctors, muscle relaxers and massage before. And although I had mild symptoms for over 14 years, they had become worse over the past 2-3 months. At its worst, I wanted to literally rip my own arm off at the shoulder. It was a fierce burning sensation at the shoulder that radiated up my neck and down to my hand, even causing tingling in my 'pinky' finger. I had never had any experience with chiropractic before. I was always under the impression that my primary physician would put in a referral if I needed chiropractic care. Massage therapy gave an overall relaxing feeling, but never stopped the burning sensation. Muscle relaxers helped only while I was taking them. The pain came back immediately as the medication wore off. The progress I've made since beginning chiropractic care is really noticable. Although my injuries are old and Dr. Vaughn said it would take time, I noticed a difference after the first four or five visits. The pain was only going to the elbow, then only to my bicep, and now it's really just a slight burning in the shoulder. I've gained a better understanding of how misalignments can cause so much other pain in other areas. Instead of trying to 'spot treat' the pain, I know to think about the whole spine. Plus, I have learned better ways to care for my spine through my sleeping habits and posture. 

You guys are great. I wish I weren't moving, but I hope to find another chiropractic practice with friendly staff like you all!

Angela Regan 

I have experienced headaches for the past 60 years. At times, they were so bad that I could not do anything but sit or lie down. I had not experienced chiropractic care to its fullest until now. Since starting care with Texas Chiropractic, I have made lots of progress. Dr. Zea has made my life awaken! My life is so much better--Iook forward to each day now. I feel more alive and feel stronger in my arms and neck. The staff at Dr. Zea and Dr. Vaughn's office have been so helpful and friendly. I would highly recommend Texas Chiropractic!

Margarita Ortega


A couple of months ago (on a Saturday), while building a chicken coop, I had an accident on my step ladder, which resulted in a seriously dislocated back, in absolute intense pain and unable to walk, stand, sit of lie down. I'd had several back pain episodes like this one before, but never to this intensity. In the past, the E.R. prescribed massive doses of pain killers and muscle relaxants, the pain remaining with me for weeks on end with no full recovery. My lower back pain has been a constant 'companion' now for over 25 years.

This time, my wife set her foot down--not going back to the ER again. She told me that our son-in-law was seeing Dr. Vaughn, who was a 'fantastic doctor' and was open on Saturdays. I was skeptical, because I had seen chiropractors before, without any luck for making me feel better. But I wasn't in the mood to argue. I called his office and he agreed to see me right away. After examining me, taking x-rays, connecting me to his 'machines', he showed me evidence of old back injuries that had gone unrepaired for decades. Most importantly, he LISTENED to me and by the time my first visit ended, I was able to walk to my car. I was feeling well enough by Sunday morning to attend church, and afterward he met me at his office for another appointment.( What doctor cares enough for his patients to make them come back--on a Sunday--to help them heal?) After that visit, I was able to sit in my car, I could turn, sit and walk. And the severe pain I had been suffering since Saturday was almost gone! After the third visit, while driving home I realized that the lower bak pain I had been suffering with for over 25 years was no longer there. With every visit, I feel much better, just when I think it can't get any better. I have yet to take any more pain killers for my back pain. I have continued to work just as hard in the farm without pain medication.

I am now a firm believer in the work of Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Z and the work they're doing. I'm grateful they came into my life when they did. Indeed at 53, the last thing I need is to continue to suffer when there are technologies that can help me get better. Maybe the key to their success is their many years of experience, helped by state-of-the-art equipment, or maybe it is the fact that Dr. Vaughn is the first doctor "ever" that actually sat down with me to listen to my story and actually did something about what I was telling him. He addressed MY issues, not his agenda and as a result, every promise he has made has come true. I honestly could not thank him enough. Thank you, again, Dr. Vaughn--you have done right by me.

Silverio Garcia

I am 11 years old, and I was in a car accident last winter. Afterward, I started hurting. It was very painful in my neck and I couldn't read a book or do sports. I started seeing Dr. Zea, and now I feel better and I have good energy. It's also made me a better athlete. I love coming to the office and getting adjustments.

Jordan Miller

A few months ago, I came to Dr. Zea, not being able to move like I should at 34 years old. I have two kids and was not able to get on the floor or do normal activities, such as cleaning house. I was in pain most every day and my doctor thought I might have an autoimmune disease. I had severe lower back pain, numbness in my hands and feet, and aching joints. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on testing and medicine, I chose a different plan. After just a few short months, I can now get on the floor, sleep, walk, sit, clean--without pain. I feel 10 years younger! I truly feel that I am living and not dying. I feel that Dr. Zea has been my health coach and am truly thankful that she is there. Now my husband is seeing Dr. Vaughn, too, and already doing so much better.  My family has started a journey of health and are amazed at the quality of life we have because of it.

Hillary Kilpatrick, Austin

The reason I began chiropractic care was because of numbness in my legs and problems walking without pain. I had these problems for the past 3 to 4 years. I could not walk any distance without pain and could not perform many everyday functions Numbness in both legs made it very difficult to sleep and stand for any period of time. I had never experienced chiropractic before, but now the numbness in my legs is gone, sleep is much improved and walking is not as labored as before. Chiropractic care has reduced my depression and allowed me to be much more active. Feeling good is happiness. Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Zea are the best--very professional and yet friendly, outgoing. They care about their patients! Thanks to you!!

David R. Dodson


My daughter was 15 months old when she was diagnosed with two neurological conditions: Sensory Processing Disorder and Dyspraxia (Speech Apraxia). After nine months of intensive occupational therapy and speech therapy (both professionally and at home) she made little progress. In fact, with speech therapy, we made absolutely NO progress. Knowing that we were racing against a clock to make the largest impact on my daughter's development (by age 3), I sought the help of Dr. Zea.

At our first appointment, Dr. Zea met with us to examine, discuss our concerns and acquire a medical history. At our second appointment, we discussed the results of the exam. Her assessment was so validating! The areas of dysfunction corresponded to my daughter's symptoms which was fascinating! I've always believed that there is a core root to every medical problem, and that we just need to find what's causing it and fix it.

After less than a month of chiropractic adjustments, my daughter's chronic bowel issues began to straighten out and her auditory, tactile and visual defensiveness improved immensely! Toys that once led to neurological "shut-downs" were sought out for play! Aftet two months, she began to babble for the first time, then say new sounds and use even words consistently. We were all dumbfounded! When we started out, my two year-old was nearly silent (mainly using signs to communicate) and could only say three words. The other day, she had the best therapy session ever, using five NEW sounds to communicate. Her speech therapist was astonished! I truly think that Chiropractic is a necessary and complimentary treatment combined with Occupational and Speech Therapy to treat neurological conditions...fix the problem (with chiropractic) and learn how to use the new skills (with therapy.)

My advice to other parents is to just give it a try! I was even surprised to find out that my insurance covered the sessions, with a small co-pay so there was little to risk. I've "been there", trying to find answers and solutions to help my daughter and this finally works! My (engineer) husband (who loves empirical evidence) was a skeptic and reluctant to agree to her treatment, but after meeting with Dr. Zea, his concerns subsided...he's now a believer and wants to see Dr. Zea himself!! I've never, ever been concerned with my daughter's safety...in fact, Dr. Zea is so nurturing , she feels like family.

Dr. Zea  has given me two of the greatest gifts: she restored my hope and helped my little girl and for that, I am forever indebted!

Brynn H. Duranso, Cedar Park

I came to Dr. Vaughn with very severe back and leg pain. I have a very active life--caring for a farm, horses, a yard and housework. Basically I couldn't do any of this for at least a week, and then very limited activities for at least a month. After receiving chiropractic adjustments and spinal decompression, I feel I am almost back to normal. I'm able to lift feed and hay without pain or consequences, but Dr. Vaughn warns me to be careful, as I may not be completely healed. Another benefit is knowing that if I have future problems, they probably aren't permanent. Dr. Vaughn, Dr. Zea and their staff are very friendly and open. Dr. Vaughn came in to treat me on Saturday and Sunday, even though the office was closed. The office is very clean and neat, fresh flowers are a nice touch and the decorating is very nice. 

(Name withheld at patient's request) 

 In 2003, I had a sharp pain from my lower back, down my right leg to the ball of my foot. When it first hit me, I couldn't even sit on the toilet without excruciating pain. My wife worked, and I watched my son until I was finally able to limp around again six months later. Little did I know this limp would be with me for the next five years. By 2008, I was experiencing constant leg pain, lower back pain and neck pain. I started seeing Dr. Vaughn, and after about eight visits and two spinal decompression treatments, I can now bend my leg freely, walk without a limp and the pain is gone! This has truly put me back in the game. I can now walk, run, work and play as a pain-free person for the first time in over five years, thanks to the Vaughn's and their team. Dr. Vaughn has made me a believer in Chiropractic--don't suffer any more. This treatment really works!

Robert Steves, Leander

Prior to beginning chiropractic care I had begun to notice my body was aging faster than my actual age. The curvature of my spine was almost that of a woman with beginning stages of osteoporosis, something that probably shouldn't occur for at least another 30 years. I had a lot of pain I had learned to live with, thinking it was the normal results of a busy hectic life. Since the wonderful, caring treatments of Dr. Vaughn, Dr. Zea, Katherine and Brittany I feel the aging process almost reversing. My posture has improved tremendously! The pain I was used to is gone. I feel stronger and more able to to handle my hectic wonderful life physically, mentally and emotionally. Thanks to our new family at Texas Chiropractic.

Sara Olla, Leander

 I began chiropractic care for treatment of severe sciatica. I wasn't able to stand to do my job, and eventually had to quit. Now I can walk and stand again--no pain! I feel much better and Love the Group!

Barbara Ryan, Leander

Before beginning chiropractic care I had headaches almost every day for years. They caused me to have bad moods, etc. and I took pain medication every day.  Since beginning chiropractic care, I no longer have headaches and I no longer take medicine. Overall, I feel good. The staff and doctors know what they are doing--great people.

Patrick W., Leander

My love affair with chiropractic began 20 years ago, when I worked in a chiropractic office and was fascinated by the number of HEALTHY patients seen there. I really began to appreciate the art of preventive care. Of course, there were also patients who were experiencing acute conditions, and chiropractic care made perfect sense, as their body's ability to heal was supported while they received relief from their symptoms.

My family, to this day, seek chiropractic care as our primary source of preventive healthcare. Our lifestyles (driving, computers, picking up heavy children, LIFE, etc.) lend themselves toward sore backs and tight muscles. It's so rewarding to know that every week or two, we give ourselves the gift of balance, re-alignment and tensions release! I am confident that our family doesn't suffer from common colds, sicknesses, debilitating backaches, etc., because of our diligence with regular chiropractic care.  My children do not have recurring ear infections (the one each of them had healed itself after one adjustment!) and they are not routinely sick like their friends.  It makes perfect sense: with each adjustment we are allowing all our nerves to communicate effectively between brain and body, and my body's innate ability to heal itself can happen! I LOVE that---and we LIVE that.

As a massage therapist, I can't say enough good things about chiropractic, but I do want to add one more thing about the doctors at Texas Chiropractic and Family Wellness. Their passion for health and wellness and their understanding of the "body's way" is unsurpassed. I have worked with many chiropractors, been treated by even more, and I have never found any who are more knowledgable, capable or caring as Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Zea. Really.


Georgia Lister, Houston, TX

My children have received regular chiropractic care from birth. My youngest child had a traumatic birth, and was unable to nurse without clamping down to swallow due to jaw trauma. She received daily chiropractic treatment from Dr. Zea and Dr. Vaughn, which enabled me to continue nursing and ultimately led to her complete recovery. Not one of my three children has EVER had an ear infection, and I attribute that 100% to the excellent chiropractic care they have delivered. When my children are not feeling well, they now come and ask for us to take them to get an adustment! Chiropractic care is absolutely essential to raising healthy children, and my kids are proof positive that CHIROPRACTIC WORKS!

Sher Senior, Pflugerville, TX

 I love Dr. Zea. She was substituting for my son's chiropractor one day and he had cried miserably at every appointment with the other chiropractor, but with her he was fine. She was also very much an advocate of natural childbirth (I am a Bradley teacher, so this means a lot to me), and she is also respectful of a woman's decision for herself and her baby. She cares and it shows.

Bridget B.

I positively know of the body's natural ability to heal itself through chiropractic adjustments and bodywork. Being a former college athlete I know how hard the body can be pushed through olympic-style lifting, bounding, sprinting and throwing 8.8 lb. shots. The residual physical health issues come back to haunt me in my current work of massage therapy, which is equally taxing on the body. Through my experience with Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Zea, I have a higher quality of life that I owe to them. My livlihood is dependent on my body's ability to function properly and they have made that possible through the caring and precise delivery of chiropractic. I thank them from the bottom of my heart!!!

Megan Crystal, RMT

When I learned that I had a bulging disc in my lower back, I was afraid that a second back surgery was my only option. Thank goodness I found chiropractic and the right doctors to solve my problem. Instead fo rushing into serious back surgery, I learned I was a candidate for non-surgical spinal decompression therapy. At that time, I was unable to sit at my desk and work (much less do any housework!) but after the first session, my pain was significantly reduced and within a few days, I was able to return to my normal daily activities. Thank you, Dr. Vaughn, for steering me in the right direction!

Judith K., Woodward, Oklahoma

After raising three children under chiropractic care, I am happy to report that all three have grown into healthy young adults without dependency on pharmaceuticals, chronic conditions or hospitalizations. Their adjustments started right after birth (in fact, Dr. Zea was present for the homebirths of two of them) and has continued through their years of sports injuries, minor fender-benders, and general 'rough-housing'. In fact, our entire family stays on course with regular 'maintenance' through chiropractic, and we have Dr. Zea and Dr. Vaughn to thank for helping us realize the goal of 'better living without drugs'. Not only that, but think about the money we've saved!

Sheryl Barnes